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How to calculate the number of words of my text?
If your file format is DOC, please click ���Tools��� and use ���Word Count��� to calculate the ���number of words with Characters (no spaces)���. If the file is other formats or cannot be calculated easily, you can upload the file on My Order page. Translate2Chinese will quote you manually. Or you can email us at with the language type, expertise, contact details and the special requirement of translation. We will reply you timely by email.
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1. Please select the target language and field of the text to be translated.
2. We accept file format as JPG,PDF,DOC,XLS,TXT,RAR,ZIP. If you can't submit the files,please email us at
3. Once you enter the text or the word number of file, the system will display the price and estimated time of completion. If you wish to speed up the translation,please reset the time requirement with a pricing vary.
4. If don't know the exact number of words of your text, you can upload file to get a manual quote.
5. Insert some special demands for your text to be translated in Advanced Options.