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Probably, Chinese is the most complicated language in the world and Chinese translation is more complicated than that of all other languages. Comparing with other Chinese translation agencies or companies, we are proud to say that ours can deliver the best quality translation and the best service in the shortest possible time.
How can we do that?
1. Focus on Chinese Translation
Most of the translation agencies or companies offer both services translating foreign languages to Chinese and Chinese to other languages. We’re specialized in translating all foreign languages to Chinese. We can provide all-language-to-Chinese translation services - not only English to Chinese, but also translating all the languages of all countries in the European Union, Eastern Europe and the Middle and Far East.
Your text translated would not be only accurate, but would be read well, since our translators only translate it using their NATIVE LANGUAGE - the language they’ve been speaking all their lives, not the foreign language they learnt.
2. Professional Background Based Translators
First of all we use only PROFESSIONALS, which mean that they are personnel in the industrial sectors concerned (engineers, scientists and technicians), personnel from the professions related (lawyers, medical experts and financial experts) and personnel who really know the business involved.
3. Translation Experience Proved Professionals
Then we come to our EXPERIENCE. Founded for 10 years providing 10 years of professional translation, we’re experienced in assigning the right translators for a specific text and, in addition, many of our professional background based translators are experienced in international business and technological sectors for many years.
Our company has been awarded by the Translators Association of China as one of China’s Top-10 Translation Companies since 1999. Winning such an honor out of numerous translation agencies or companies in China has fully demonstrated our powerful quality and strong capability of translation.
For more details, please read on and contact us. You’ll also find that our prices are some of the most reasonable in the translation sector.

You could get a quote in the Order page. The price and deadline will be displayed by Translate2Chinese automatically.
English US $ 0.04/word Portuguese US $ 0.10/word Japanese US $ 0.05/word
Vietnamese US $ 0.09/word Korean US $ 0.05/word Polish US $ 0.20/word
German US $ 0.06/word Mongolian US $ 0.20/word French US $ 0.06/word
Indonesian US $ 0.20/word Russian US $ 0.06/word Dutch US $ 0.20/word
Italian US $ 0.09/word Danish US $ 0.15/word Arabic US $ 0.10/word
Swedish US $ 0.15/word Hungarian US $ 0.133/word Czech US $ 0.133/word
Thai US $ 0.09/word Spanish US $ 0.06/word Malay US $ 0.20/word
Finnish US $ 0.20/word Hausa US $ 0.20/word Norwegian US $ 0.20/word
Greek US $ 0.20/word Javanese US $ 0.20/word Hindi US $ 0.20/word
Kazakh US $ 0.20/word Turkish US $ 0.20/word Bengali US $ 0.20/word
Nepali US $ 0.20/word Turkmen US $ 0.20/word Urdu US $ 0.20/word
Hebrew US $ 0.20/word Estonian US $ 0.20/word Kyrgyz US $ 0.20/word
Azerbaijani US $ 0.20/word Georgian US $ 0.20/word Swahili US $ 0.20/word
Armenian US $ 0.20/word Albanian US $ 0.20/word    

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