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Translate2Chinese is China's most famous human translation service. We provide Fast, High Quality Professional Translation service from 41 languages to Chinese over the web via

Thanks to a great community of over 50000 Professional Certified Translators from 41 languages in 20 different fields in China, we are able to provide fast, high quality human translations by certified translators in a very efficient and affordable way around the clock, any day, and any time.

Translate2Chinese was founded in 2006. As a member of Translators Association of China, Translate2Chinese provides service for many well-known multinational companies, Chinese enterprises and government agencies. It is also the founder of the e-commerce translation service in China. The unique translation service shortens the delivery time for customer greatly and improves our market competitiveness in China.

Translate2Chinese revolutionized the way translation is being done. By creating an efficient market place between professional translators and customers we managed to provide greater value for both. Customers do not need to worry about delivery time, quality, payment etc. Translate2Chinese guarantees that the translation is done by verified and certified professional translators. Also, the translator does not have to worry about finding the customer or getting paid. Translate2Chinese takes care of all customer service related issues and always pays its translators. Selecting from 50000 translators, we have thousands of professional translators with independent review and proofreading in all kinds of fields to ensure the quality and delivery time of the articles. Translate2Chinese has been named a "Top 10 Translation Enterprise in China 2009" by the TAC (Translators Association of China).

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